How do online courses work?

How are your courses conducted?

The Inspired Scholar offers two types of courses.  

1) Live courses that meet online and have a specified meeting time. 

2) A traditional class that meets at a specified location. (Face-to-face).  Near I-17 and Cactus Rd. in Phoenix, Arizona.

When courses begin, enrolled online students will be able to access the lessons through links that they will receive before class begins. 

Are your grade levels firm?

The grade level indicates that the course was designed for students of that age.  A child should be placed into a course according to his ability level and not merely by age or grade.  If there is a large discrepancy, please contact the instructor to discuss it further.  We are interested in your children receiving an education that fits their needs.

How much time outside of class will my child have to spend on assignments?

This depends on your individual child.  Do they tend to work quickly?  Are they focused?  Do they struggle with the subject?  Generally, it is reasonable to expect 4th-5th graders to work 30 minutes 3 to 4 times per week; 6th-8th graders to spend 40-50 minutes 3 to 4 times per week on homework, and older students should spend 40-50 minutes per day.  However, these are only guidelines.  Some children may need more or less time.  A better approach is to spend the time that is necessary to do quality work.

What equipment do I need to participate in these online courses?

A computer with high-speed internet connection is needed.  Also, the ability to create documents in Word or to convert your documents to Word. 

It is also helpful, but not required, to have a scanner to upload an assignment which is a chart, diagram, or picture.

Assignments and Grades

How is work submitted?

Assignments are to be typed unless otherwise specified.  If a student cannot type his own papers, a parent may type them for him.

Papers must be sumbitted in Word (.doc, .docx) and on occasion, as a PDF.  Those who use Apple computers can and must convert their documents to Word.

How can my child access the homework assignments and grades?

We use an easy-to-use online learning management system at no cost to you for our record-keeping and messaging system as well as for students to submit assignments and receive feedback.  Parents may also view this information.  The information on setting up your account is sent to enrolled students before the course begins.

When can students expect feedback?

I grade whatever has been turned twice weekly.  Papers will not be evaluated on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays and breaks.

Students may not "pile up" papers but should submit one assignment at a time and wait for feedback before submitting the next assignment.  

We aim to be available for your children.  Students may email, text, or call the instructor with questions.

Do you grade assignments?

All students receive helpful and expert evaluation of their work.  Rough drafts are an essential part of the writing process, but are not graded.  This allows students to improve their writing before submitting the final draft, which is graded.

Tuition & Discounts

How much are courses and how do I pay?

Tuition varies depending on the age/grade level of the course.  This information is on the Courses page under the specific course description.  Scroll to the bottom for the link to info. for each course.

After receiving your invoice, payment may be made online or by check.  Payment can be made monthly or by the semester.  Paying by the semester will save you money.  Paying for the first month constitutes a commitment to pay for the entire semester.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes!  The Inspired Scholar was a homeschool Mom on a tight budget once!  We are budget-friendly and offer you four ways to save!

1.  Registration is per family, not per student or per class.

2.  Register early - Registration begins in April.

3.  Pay by the semester, rather than monthly and save 10%.

4.  For families with three or more children, the least expensive course tuition will be deducated by 10%.

Do you offer writing evaluations?

Yes, we do!  If you only need someone to provide that objective and expert eye and to give evaluation on writing assignments, that is available.

$35/month for 4th-5th grade

$45/month for 6th-8th grade

$55/month for 9th-10th grade (or essay writing)

$65/month for 11th-12th grade (or research writing)

Multiple papers may be submitted per month, but only one at a time.  Students must wait for feedback on one assignment before submitting the next, so that they can apply what they learn.

Registration & Policies

IS Registration and Policies 18-19 (pdf)