Renee Metcalf


Renee Metcalf has been an instructor in the homeschool community since 2004 and a homeschooling parent for 14 years. The Inspired Scholar, LLC developed out of her passion for young people and education.

Mrs. Metcalf graduated with a B.A. in Education from Arizona State University.  She is currently a Certified writing instructor through the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) as well as a certified teacher in the state of Arizona.  

Angela Jacobs


Angela Jacobs was home-schooled by parents who understand the significance of education and instilled in her a love for learning.  While growing up in an environment rich in literature and the arts, Angela fell in love with the Shakespearean theatre.  

In recent years, Angela has gained experience by writing promotional web content for local businesses and informative brochures for a political campaign.  Currently, Angela writes short stories in both fiction and creative non-fiction and is pursuing her degree in English from Arizona State University.