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Find out how The Inspired Scholar's online English instruction can take the skills your children already have and develop those with guidance and coaching.

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Courses & Classes

Courses/Classes for 2018-2019

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IEW writing courses for all ages!

  • (IEW) Fables, Myths, & Fairytales (4th-5th grade)
  • (IEW) U.S. History-Based Writing (6th-8th grade)
  • (IEW) Medieval History-Based Writing (6th-8th grade)
  • (IEW) Essay Writing (9th-10th grades)
  • Write Shop, Jr - Level E (4th-5th grade)
  • American Literature & Composition (high school)


We seek to cull the best educational practices from a variety of approaches, but we particularly favor Charlotte Mason's literary-rich philosophy as well as elements of Classical education.

The Inspired Scholar is a Christian organization.  This means that although students do not have to be Christians, our staff has a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our classes are informed and enlightened by the infallible Word of God.  We do not avoid "difficult" topics but we examine them by the light of the Bible.

We seek to bridge the distance in "distance education" by getting to know each student and creating a community of learners.

We are passionate and knowledgeable about our subjects and about sharing that with young people.


April W.  Thank you for teaching my son. He does not enjoy writing and I believe you brought out writing talents that he didn't realize he had.

Jeannie R.  My children loved the online class.  This was especially good for my son who absolutely hated writing prior to this year.  When he realized he could apply the structure and style of IEW and write something very well, it changed his whole outlook on writing.  While he would still prefer catching snakes and lizards, he doesn't dread writing anymore.


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